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Flowers by Post : Caring for your Flowers 

So, you’ve just received your delivery ...

Looking after your flowers …

  • Your flowers are thirsty after their travels, remove the cellophane and tissue before putting them in water

  • Make sure you use a clean vase and use one sachet of the flower food provided following the instructions on the packet. It is best to fill the vase about half full and not to have any leaves sitting underneath the water.

  • Do not untie your flowers, they have been expertly arranged by a florist. Cut the stems to the correct length for your vase. Hold the arrangement against the outside of the vase with the tying point at the vases neck and this will show you how much to cut off.  Make a sharp, diagonal cut to each stem.

  • Keep the flowers away from extreme temperatures, direct drafts, and fruit (ethylene gas is detrimental to many flower types). Avoid windowsills and other areas of full sun as flowers will wilt due to overheating.

  • Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions.

How to keep your flowers fresh …

  • Keep the vase filled with water and after a couple of days clean the vase and replace the water using the second sachet of flower food.

  • Over time remove dead or wilted flowers from the arrangement which will help the other stems to last longer

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